Outfit of the Day: 2/6/19

This little number is a dress that I picked up on Now, typically I would include a link here, however, my personal policy is to only share links that I would recommend to others. As much as I love this dress, I also highly dislike it for the material it is made of as it would best be described as “thin parachute” material. I do love the shape, the drape, the pattern and the flow of it, but it is somewhat like wearing a plastic bag if I am honest. I am not a wasteful person by nature and so being that I could not return the dress, I will instead make use of it and (sort of) hope that it gets torn or stained beyond repair… It does photograph nicely, however…

DRESS: AliExpress | BELT: Walmart | FLEECE LINED TIGHTS: (in “khaki”) Amazon | SHOES: Thrifted

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