Outfit of the Day: 1/17/19

DICKIE: Amazon | CARDIGAN: Walmart | BELT: Walmart | SKIRT: Amazon| SHOES: Thrifted- (brand “Showoff”)

There is something about the combination of this skirt, a scoop-necked cardigan, and a collar underneath that speaks to me. I suppose it could be viewed as a “stuffy” look in today’s day and age, but to me, it just says “class”.

This skirt, from amazon is such a beautiful material. It is warm and soft, and perfect for the winter. The only gripe I have about it is that while there is elastic in the waistband, there is no additional zipper or button closure. Because of this, I have to put the skirt on over my head, and take it off only by pulling it down over my hips. I joke with my husband sometimes that he may have to one day cut me out of it. If you are considering getting this skirt, I definitely recommend you consider your waist to bust and or waist to hip measurement before purchasing. If you are a sever hourglass with a very small waist compared to bust or hips, this skirt may not work for you unless you plan to install your own zipper.

As I mentioned, the collar you see under my cardigan is actually a Dickie or false collar. I love these because they are inexpensive and less bulky under fitted tops. I got this one on Amazon for under $5 plus shipping.

These shoes were a stupendous find at my local thrift shop. They are leather, which means that I will be able to give them a proper polish, and I may even refinish the stacked wood Cuban heels as well with some new lacquer. These also could stand a little stretching so I will have to give the ol’ ice in the shoe in the freezer trick a try!

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