Outfit of the Day: 1/15/19

I feel like today’s outfit of the day is a perfect example of “How to look vintage-ish even when you don’t feel like it”… I had a new dress I was going to wear today but I am in the mood to cuddle under the blankets rather than get all gussied up. I can’t do that, mind you, but that was my mindset.

This outfit was literally thrown together- these are my high waisted work pants (From Target, for directing traffic). My takeaway from this outfit is this- if you ONLY own clothing that “generally fits” the vintage aesthetic, and you roll your hair or throw it in a turban, you automatically end up with a “retro look”. This outfit is nowhere near authentic anything but I still get “the vibe”.

SHIRT: Old Navy | CARDIGAN: Amazon | PANTS: Target |SHOES: Amazon

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