Outfit of the Day: 12-18-18

It’s a cold and blustery day today in Massachusetts! I feel that the stress of the holidays has been getting to me a tad lately. Like yesterday, I was in no mood to put real clothes on after I returned from my morning Traffic shift. I work part-time as a Crossing Guard and Traffic Director at our local high school. Upon returning home, I had such an urge to put my jammies back on and crawl into bed with a book. Luckily, sunshine, a lit Christmas tree, and a pile of clothing awaiting mending convinced me to get dressed and get moving! It seemed that the weather was plotting against me though because when I stepped outside to snap my photos it was so incredibly windy! My hair was flying, my camera blew over (hence the second photo) and then I realized a button came off my pants haha. Luckily, I found it and it will get sewn back on today with the rest of the mending I have to do! Most of my to-do list is indoors today so I don’t need to dress super warm but if I had errands outside of the house, I would opt to wear my fleece lined tights under my trousers for added warmth.

SHIRT: Amazon| CARDIGAN: Amazon | PANTS: Amazon | BELT: Walmart | SHOES: Target

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