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Outfit of the Day: 12-8-18

Being the first Saturday in over a month that my husband and I have had without any children around, we decided that it was high time we get outside and finally do our fall yard cleanup! My husband focused on blowing the leaves on our almost 2-acre property while I got to work burning some brush and rolling up (frozen) hoses… It was a cold day- only in the lows 30’s or so, so we both bundled up in longjohns and fleece. This delightful plaid is made of fleece so it is nice and toasty… along with 4 other base layers underneath. Likewise, under these Denim trousers I found at Target, I have on another 3 base layers… making for a tight squeeze if you will… but the denim has some nice stretch so I was able to move with ease! I simply added a belt and boots from Walmart and I was good to go! I didn’t have to do anything to my hair, since my sponge roller set was still going strong- a few bobby pins and I was ready to work!

SHIRT: Rider’s Lee Fleece from Walmart | BELT: Walmart | PANTS: High waist denim trousers from Target | BOOTS: Walmart

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