Outfit of the Day Roundup: May 2019

May was such a beautiful month in my neck of the woods! You can see via the photos that it started out wintery-stark and turned beautifully green by the end! I was happy to put away some more of my cold weather clothes in favor of some spring fashions! I had someone tell me recently that I had mastered “wearing clothes, not a costume” and that my outfits looked “effortless” and boy, was I flattered by that. I think that when someone wants to begin dressing in a vintage style, it is easy to become mis-lead by “retro trends” that are quite common nowadays. Everywhere you look in stores and online, items are labeled as “vintage” and “retro” even if they are not authentic to the era you are after. My look is not at all the “glamorous” look that many are used to seeing on Instagram. I don’t wear ball gowns and super fancy day dresses. I am a mom, and a wife, I own (and clean) my house. I do mundane and dirty jobs often. I need to have clothes that not only suit my aesthetic but ones that I can actually live in. I think that the key to getting the best of both worlds- fashion and usefulness- is to really do your research regarding your favorite eras. What did these people ACTUALLY wear?? One of my most favorite resources in blog format is She has a wealth of information and photos from different eras, as well as links to modern clothing that you can buy online for the era of your choice. At any rate, I have blabbed long enough. Here is what I wore in May!

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