Outfit of the Day Roundup: April 2019

My my my 2019, you sure are blowing right by! I have been working through a lot of stuff since the initial creation of this blog at the end of last year so I apologize that all you are getting thus far has been a whole lot of clothing and not much else! Oh! Clothing you say? Ha! How convenient, I was just about to share with you the outfits I wore in April! Most weekends are spent either lounging in PJs with my husband, or in work clothes, working on some sort of house project so please, don’t be alarmed and think that over the course of 30 days I was naked for 8-10 of them ;).

As you can see, I wore my favorite blue thrift store skirt three times in April. I honestly believe that anyone looking to get into wearing vintage inspired fashion should seriously consider separates. Many people who stat on the vintage fashion journey become star- struck by the fabulous dresses of the 40’s and 50’s and it is easy to see why- they are feminine and have amazing lines. The problem however, is that they are far less versatile than separates and if you are going to own enough dresses to minimize repeat outfits, you had better have a very large closet and potentially a very large pocketbook as well. Vintage dresses in good, wearable condition can be difficult to find and quite pricey. Reproduction dresses can be equally expensive if you are really looking for quality fabrics and details. Whatever you decide, here are my two cents- 1. Do your research, and 2. Get yourself the proper foundation garments to truly maximize your individual shape! Are you just getting into vintage fashion? I’d love to hear from you!

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