She Sews Retro: Butterick 6318

I have to admit… this pattern was a DREAM to make! As a new, enthusiastic sewist I have a decent stash of “patterns to make fumble through”. I didn’t think initially that this dress would make its way to the top of the list, but BOY AM I GLAD IT DID!! JoAnn Fabrics had a great sale going on (and let’s not forget the coupons….) and so I had to pick one pattern and go with it! (I am one of those folks that gets easily paralyzed by too many options…) I had seen so many fabulous examples of this make on Instagram and Pinterest that I felt I really needed to take a stab at it! I went to the fabric store looking for either a striped fabric or a fabric with at least a repetitive, linear nature. I ended up finding this beautiful quilter’s cotton print in a sweet, earthy green with white ovals and I was sold.

The pattern includes a 3 piece bodice (1 front, 2 back not including facings), 3 piece skirt (1 front, 2 back) and an unlined double waist wrap. The original pattern instructions calls for the waist wrap pieces to be hemmed but I opted to line them with solid green instead so that I could avoid seeing the “wrong” side of the fabric when tying the belt. As happy accidents sometime occur, I mistakenly sewed the waist wrap sections to the side seams BACKWARDS… meaning (for me) that if the ties were wrapped in the front and tied in the back, as suggested by the pattern, the belt would have shown as solid green. Upon this realization, I tried tying it from back to front instead of front to back and ended up LOVING the result! I am very short-waisted, so when the wraps were tied from front to back, the waist straps cut me short in the torso. I plan to add a button at the front center so that the waist ties meet at the front with a simple button front (double buttonhole…one for each tie to meet at the same single button) for a cleaner look. If (and when) I make this pattern again, I may opt to raise the bottom of the armscye just a smidge to increase mobility in the arms. Overall, I was VERY pleased with this pattern (minus the restricted arm mobility) and I have my sights se on a second version for sure! I love the modesty and potential of this pattern. Have you tried it? Let me know!!!

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