Outfit of the Day Roundup: March 2019

It seems as though I have been going through some big changes over the last few months in terms of life and growth! This blog has had to take a tiny bit of a back seat as of late, but I am still around and doing better than ever! I think I just need to let this crazy busy time pass and will be able to dedicate a little more time to the direction I’d like this blog to go…

But enough of that… on to the OUTFITS! March in Massachusetts can be all over the place- 4 feet of snow one day, then 65*F and sunny the next! Here is a roundup of what I wore in March! To date, even with my limited wardrobe, the only outfits that have been repeated since September 2018 are dresses, and with those I have tried to switch up the shoes and accessories that I put with them!

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