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Meal Plan: Week 3

This week is a bit of a budget crunch week for us, so I had to be more mindful of our grocery costs. It is also a weekend that we have our three kids! Every Sunday we have a “Big Sunday Breakfast”, which the kids have fully embraced as our tradition at the Log Cabin. As always, I used my trusty meal planner through PlantoEat.com! (No affiliation, I just love the planner to bits!)

On our menu this week is:

Linguini and Meatballs with Marinara (quick and easy)

Grilled Cheese and Chicken Noodle Soup (quick and a kid crowd-pleaser)

Chili (I’m trying out a new recipe!)

Honey Garlic Pork chops with Vegetables and Jasmine rice (new recipe trial)

Tuscan Chicken Mac and Cheese by Cafedelites.com

Split Pea Soup (trying a new recipe and using my frozen ham bone from Christmas!)

What are you planning for this week?

2 thoughts on “Meal Plan: Week 3

  1. I do a different taco salad every Tuesday. (I have to eat paleo/low carb for health reasons.) Last week was beef, tonight was turkey, next week is fish(tilapia).

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