What’s for Dinner: Crockpot French Dip

Sundays for us are the epitome of relaxation. The weekend is winding down, we may be rocking a hangover, and the dust of the weekend is settling. If there were ever a day where I would boycott getting out of bed, it would be, (and has been) Sundays! Sundays, however, are not just the end of our week, but also the night that dinner needs to become Monday’s lunch! Enter: The Crockpot.

Everyone that uses a crockpot has enjoyed the glorious leisure of “dumping things in” and POOF- a few hours later, a feast awaits you. Sundays are made for crockpot cooking. Or maybe it’s crockpots are made for Sundays- you decide.

This Sunday’s Crockpot creation was the easiest French Dip Recipe known to man from Buns in my Oven– 1 big roast, 2 cans of condensed French Onion Soup and 1 can of Beef Consomme, and you’ve got dinner.

Obviously, you could eat this alone, but served on toasted rolls with some provolone cheese and…. can you say Nom Nom? Check out Karly’s amazing recipe here!

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