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Meal Plan: Week 1

I love me some organization and planning my family’s weekly meals is certainly no exception! If you are ever looking to simplify your life, meal planning is certainly an excellent first step in doing so! Making a meal plan can cut down on the stress of “what’s for dinner *blink blink*”, it can help you manage your budget, and can push you to try new and different recipes that you may not have tried before.

Lemon Butter Chicken *photo by me

I use the website Plan to Eat for my meal planning needs but you can do a menu plan in a variety of ways. For my family situation, I do my weekly meal plans on Thursdays, then do my grocery shopping on Friday mornings. I try to plan more perishable meals with a lot of fresh vegetables or meats for the weekend and the beginning of the week, switching to frozen meat and vegetable dishes moving into Wednesday and Thursday. While I do cook dinner for my family almost every night, I also know that my husband and I can be somewhat spontaneous and will opt to go out for dinner at some point during the week. Because of this, I only plan for 6 dinners and am typically able to shuffle the plan around to accommodate any last minute changes. One of my meals is typically a simple pasta dish. Here are some of the meals that I have included in this week’s plan!

Honey Mustard Chicken and Potatoes from

Creamy Garlic Butter Tuscan Salmon from

Lemon Butter Chicken from

Filipino Chicken Adobo from

What do you have planned? I’d love to know!

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