Question: Why do you take so many pictures of yourself?

It is altogether possible that this question has crossed your mind, dear reader and I can’t blame you! You may be thinking things like: Are you vain? Are you a narcissist? Do you really have nothing better to do with your day? Don’t you have housework to do lady?

Honestly, if I were new to my blog, I would be thinking those things as well. While all of these things are potential answers to that question, the real answer is that I do it to hold myself accountable for getting dressed every day and I do it to inspire others.

You may now find yourself asking…. “Why would she need to take a picture of herself once she is dressed? Has she somehow forgotten, and thought that maybe she was running around the house naked?”

While that is a funny thought to imagine, no… my house is too cold for me to not know whether or not I am naked. I choose to document my outfits for a couple of reasons actually… the first, as I mentioned is the accountability thing. I know that for myself, I am far more productive when I am fully dressed with shoes on and my hair and face done than when I am in my pajamas. I have purged every bit of what might be considered “loungewear” (read yoga pants… how ironic) so that I literally have no choice but to look put together. I know myself, folks. If I am in PJ’s I will literally do NOTHING all day, then make a mad dash to clean the entire house in the 15 minutes before my husband gets home. I take pictures every day in order to learn a new habit and to make it part of my routine. I have done this successfully now since late September 2018 and IT HAS WORKED. No more insane procrastination, then running around crazed. It is now, a new ingrained habit.

Another reason I document my outfits is that while it may seem that I have a lot of clothes, I do not and I want you to know that you don’t have to have a huge wardrobe to look put together every day. I choose to dress in a 1940’s and 50’s inspired way, but it works the same no matter what style you love. Additionally, I want to make sure that I am effectively rotating my clothes through wear so that I “wear them out” equally, making them all last longer. I also wanted to challenge myself to get creative with my outfits and try combinations I might not have otherwise considered. To date, with the exception of dresses, I have not repeated a single outfit combination even once since late September. I will eventually write more posts about my core wardrobe and how I get the “vintage” look, so be on the lookout for that!!

Do you get dressed everyday?? Do you have a core wardrobe? I’d love to know!

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