Outfit of the Day: 12/27/18

Today it is cold, I am sleepy, and I really didn’t want to get out of my pajamas… which is exactly what I did yesterday… stayed in my pajamas ALL DAY. It was nice to “take a break” from the stress and excitement of the holidays and because my house was already pretty tidy and I didn’t have anywhere I needed to go I didn’t feel so guilty about not getting dressed. Even so, I know myself n I know that not getting dressed down to my shoes every day is a slippery slope back to where I started out. When I say started out- I really mean that I had given up on trying to look even decent… But ALAS! I am dressed! I post these pictures to hold myself accountable to get dressed and be productive, so BEHOLD MY SMALL SUCCESS! I hope you are recovering nicely from the stress of the Holiday Season!

HEADWRAP: Jersey triangle cut by me | BLOUSE: Old Navy 2018 | CARDIGAN: Amazon | SKIRT: Amazon | SHOES: Target | BELT: Walmart

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