Outfit of the Day: 12/21/18

As they say, necessity is the mother of invention! No era was better at harnessing that than the 1940s when times were so tough all around the world. My personal challenges this morning were: ridiculous wind and rain, the need to scrub my house completely, grocery shopping, trudging through said nasty weather and hair that could really use a good washing and re-setting! If you have been following along, you guys know what my clothes look like… this is as “dressed down” as I can possibly get without being in pajamas. I suppose the lesson here is that if you are interested in dressing in vintage style daily, then only own vintage-inspired clothing or clothing that can be easily styled as such. Before I made the plunge into all vintage-inspired, I would find myself often making excuses not to get dressed at all or I would end up throwing on a pair of jeans instead. This was because I still didn’t quite know how to style the clothes consistently. When your only options are specifically vintage/retro, you start to learn it pretty quickly! 

By the way, this dress is the holy grail of comfort. It is basically yoga pants without a crotch. I am in love.

HEADWRAP: jersey triangle cut by me | DRESS: Amazon | CARDIGAN: Amazon  | TIGHTS: Target | MUCK BOOTS: Walmart

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