Outfit of the Day: 12-19-18

Swans!… SWANS PEOPLE! Yesterday, in the mail, I received one of the 2 fake collars, also called dickies, that I ordered on Amazon. I cannot begin to tell you how in love with it I am and I feel that these will be a new obsession for me!

I tend to avoid buying a lot of button down shirts because I can never seem to get the fit quite right. I have broad shoulders and bust, wide rib cage, short torso, and a proportionate waist. There is a never-ending battle with button gaping even with stretch materials. Because that struggle is so real for me, I don’t wear button downs often on their own. For me, buying these collars is the perfect solution to go under my sweaters and cardigans! Let me not forget to point out that they add no extra bulk under your sweaters and you can find so many options, inexpensively! While this collar was not offered under Amazon Prime, I felt the risk was worth the $4.19 plus .79 cents that I paid for shipping. The only measurement I needed to take into consideration was my neck circumference, as opposed to bust and length, etc. etc. Have a marvelous day!

FAKE COLLAR/DICKIE: Amazon | CARDIGAN: Walmart | SKIRT: Amazon | FLEECE LINED TIGHTS: Amazon | BELT: Walmart | SHOES: Target

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