Outfit of the Day: 12/17/18

Today is ONE OF THOSE DAYS I DON’T WANT TO ADULT! My husband is home sick today and the urge to stay in my jammies all curled up in bed is stroooooong. I share these daily pictures to keep myself accountable to be productive because I know that I get way more done when I get out of my pajamas! I have many times seen the pictorial in mid-1950’s women’s magazines and online reminding women to always be dressed with their face and hair done. I recognize that in today’s society, that may be viewed as superfluous however for myself, I find it to be motivating. I am always amazed at just how much I seem to get done when I am fully dressed! How do you motivate yourself?

BLOUSE: Old Navy 2013 | CARDIGAN: Target Fall 2018 | SKIRT: Amazon  | BELT: Walmart | SHOES: Target | BROOCH: Thrifted

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