Outfit of the Day: 12-13-18

I am honestly so excited about this new skirt! When I shop for clothes, there are three things of the utmost importance to me (after the style, of course) 1. It has to be of reasonable quality, 2. It has to be under $30 for a top or skirt or under $40 for a dress, and 3. It must be returnable- preferably for FREE. I have fudged each of these categories at some point or another and  I have certainly learned a few lessons along the way! This skirt actually started life as a dress from Ali Express but the top didn’t fit and returning it was too costly. Instead, I used the bodice to form a new waistband and POOF! Amazing sweater skirt!

SHIRT: Amazon  | SKIRT: Ali Express Dress turned skirt | FLEECE LINED TIGHTS: Amazon | BROOCH: Thrifted | SHOES: Target

Have you ever refashioned a garment?

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