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What’s for dinner?

Tonight’s meal consisted of Hot Italian Sandwiches! My husband and I spent the day milling around the house, trying to tie up some loose ends from this weekend’s “belated fall cleanup”. I stayed in pajamas all day, which is actually a weekly habit for me on most Sundays. I had the opportunity to learn something new about my husband’s taste in food… he loves spicy and he loves pickles but he highly dislikes Giardiniera. I grew up with this delightful condiment so I was actually surprised to see his face turn sour when I offered him a succulent tidbit of carrot from the jar. I laughed at his displeasure and retorted that he could take the girl out of Chicago, but could never take the Chicago out of the girl… He graciously responded that I could finish the jar on my own. I had originally planned to make pork chops tonight but our casual day required more casual food. Luckily, a few swipes in my Plan To Eat app was all that was required to reschedule said pork chops for a quick meal.

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