Outfit of the Day: 12-7-18

Hello, hello! I am in a very strange mood today… half exhausted, half over-caffeinated (even though I have not had any yet…) I am in love with this thrifted crop sweater that I found a little while back; it has the most beautiful knit pattern to it even though (regrettably) it is somewhat difficult to see in the photos. Right now, my biggest clothing struggle seems to be finding cropped sweaters, both online and in-store. I know that there are a lot of vintage reproduction lines that make cropped sweaters, but I cannot justify spending over $20 something on a sweater. I am hoping to make another visit to the thrift store possibly next week to see what I can find!

SWEATER: Thrifted | SKIRT: Amazon  | BELT: Walmart | SHOES: Target

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